Listing a New Product

Welcome to GFXCity, your premier marketplace for digital downloadable products! As a valued vendor, we want to guide you through the seamless process of listing your latest creation on our WordPress-based platform. Follow this step-by-step summary to ensure your product stands out

Adding a Product Title

Select a concise and relevant title for your product. Note that only 36 characters of the title will be displayed on the shop archive page. The remaining characters will be visible on the single product page. Ensure your product title does not exceed 120 characters

Title for AI-Generated Product

Enhance your product’s visibility by including “Created/Made with artificial intelligence” at the end of your title. For instance, “Beautiful Spring Background with Grass and Empty Wooden Table in Outdoor Nature. Created with Artificial Intelligence.” Remember to include the three essential tags: “generated ai,” “generated,” and “ai,” alongside other relevant tags for every item crafted with artificial intelligence. Ensure the title remains under 120 characters, and categorize the AI-generated product as “Illustration.”


How an AI-generated design appears on a single product page:

Beautiful Spring Background with Grass and Empty Wooden Table in Outdoor Nature. Created with Artificial Intelligence
Adding a Product Description

Craft a compelling product description that highlights its key features, benefits, and intended use. Ensure clarity and conciseness to captivate potential buyers.

Formatting Your Product Description

Use our user-friendly formatting tools within WordPress to enhance the visual appeal of your product description. Employ headings, bullet points, and styling options for a polished presentation.

Adding a Product Category

Choose the most fitting category for your product to enhance visibility and streamline the browsing experience for our users.

Adding Tags to Your Product

Boost discoverability by adding a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 relevant tags to your product. Choose keywords that accurately represent your creation and align with potential buyers’ search queries

Pricing Your Item

Determine a competitive yet fair price for your digital product. Consider market trends, your product’s uniqueness, and its perceived value to potential customers.

Uploading Product Files / Product File Size Limit

You cannot upload the main file if it exceeds 100 MB. Additionally, you must compress all files together into a zip file named “main file.” Optimize your files to strike a balance between quality and download efficiency.

Adding Screenshots to Your Product

Capture the essence of your product through visually appealing screenshots. Showcase its functionalities and features from various angles to provide potential buyers with a comprehensive view. Screenshots should be in JPEG format only, with dimensions set at 1800×1200 pixels; PNG format is not accepted.

Reordering Product Screenshots

Arrange your product screenshots strategically to tell a compelling visual story. Prioritize the most engaging images to grab the attention of potential customers.

Adding a Watermark to Your Screenshots

Protect your intellectual property by adding a subtle watermark to your screenshots. Ensure it does not distract from the product but serves as a deterrent to unauthorized use.

Adding a Photo’s Focal Point

Highlight the key aspects of your product images by setting a focal point. This ensures that thumbnails and previews showcase the most crucial elements of your offering.

Saving Your Product for Sale

Once you’ve perfected your product listing, save it to make it available for purchase on GFXCity. Double-check all details and settings to guarantee a smooth and successful launch.

Note: Before publishing your product, carefully review these two images. Ensure that you maintain these settings every time you submit your product

How o listing product on GFXCity
How o listing product on GFXCity

Quality Guidelines for Items

Summary: We strongly recommend adhering to these guidelines to uphold the highest standards for your items. For more detailed information, please refer to the guidelines below.

File Format(s) Recommended:


Resolution Recommended

300 DPI


Ensure your product caters to a broad audience.

Include a comprehensive help file

Organize files in layers for easy navigation.

Product Description

Include crucial information to assist customers in answering their queries.

Clearly mention the required software and version(s)

Additional Quality Standards

Facilitate easy reorganization or repurposing of files.

Present elements as a cohesive set with consistent style and sizing.

Maintain consistency in line art dimensions.

Ensure patterns are well-composed and seamless.

Colors and elements should be easily modifiable.

Software Compatibility

Products must be fully compatible with the latest version of the listed software.

For example, if your product requires Adobe Illustrator, it should seamlessly integrate with the latest version of Illustrator.


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